Our pig family is big and each one has a name and characteristics of their own. Although the shape is the same except for the limousine (stretched body) pigs. All of them are solid pieces and some are thinner and smaller than others. Please check the details for each pig in their own page. Our beautiful pig family members are ready to be a part of your kitchen and day-to-day routine. 

For All Tastes

Our pigs are handmade with solid pieces of hardwoods. No glue used. Different sizes and different woods for ALL TASTES. Hard Maple is the most popular one. We also have birds eye maple, walnut crotch and simply walnut wood options. Ebony Eye on the best side is optional. The pigs thicker than an inch can be CAREFULLY DISPLAYED in your kitchen, as they stand on their own “feet”, decorating your kitchen beautifully. They are useful kitchen tools and one-of-a-kind gifts.

May Last A Lifetime!

These boards are made to last for a very long time when used with proper care. They are made of great quality hardwoods. We still use our Hard Maple Momma Pig Cutting Board which is reaching her 40s. They are great for daily use and they can also decorate your kitchen lovingly!

Special Orders

Most of our pigs have predetermined sizes (fixed sizes as much as handmade work can allow) but we also offer pigs with irregular sizes under the miscellaneous tag. This is duo to the size of the wood already available. We’re just avoiding the waste as much as possible and trying to use all the a beautiful piece of wood can offer. If you have a made to order request, please e-mail us and we will try our best to make it happen! Or just order from our standard collection!