Warm Gifts From And For The Heart!

The warmer time has passed and the cold started coming in gradually and smoothly. While we prepare ourselves to be cozy and warm, we are hoping for a great season as our minds wish for a warm-to-the-heart time with family and friends. We wish to spend quality time with unforgettable memories with our loved ones. We wish the best for every single one and want to be a part in their happiness and also be able to bring joy and comfort whenever possible if the power is in our hands to do so. A good wish, a hug, a smile, a helping hand, some of our time… these are priceless.

A demonstration of care and love can also be shown through a thoughtful gesture of a gift. Something that will fill in a need in someone’s life or even something that will bring a smile, some joy. And that’s when you can consider the option of unique gifts. Something that the people you want to honor with a present may not have it yet. A unique present for someone who might already have everything. That’s where our pigs can be of a good fit. They are durable, robust and joyful! Truly special! They’re made in the USA and they last soooo long! We have an old pig in our kitchen (well, we have a bunch of them in our kitchen ), which is in its 40’s and we still enjoy using it! Just keep in mind that you don’t need to go much further looking for a special gift. You might have just found one. One of a kind!

The person receiving such a gift will think of how thoughtful you are and my guess is you will be remember quite often! A warm present from heart to heart!


These are Jumbo Poppa Pigs



Our boards are made to last for a very long time when used with proper care. They are made with solid pieces of great quality hardwoods like Hard Maple or Walnut. No glue used! We still use our Hard Maple Momma Pig Cutting Board which is reaching her 40s.

They are great for daily use and as you can see, they can also decorate your kitchen lovingly as they stand well with their own feet! These Pig Boards will keep looking pretty with only mild soap and water rinse for cleaning and Food grade mineral oil as needed for maintenance, which it won’t be necessary to oil it very often. Must be kept away from the dishwasher for a long-lasting life!

They will make special and unique gifts for your loved ones and for the people that you want to impress or bring about a smile! We are a family-owned business and our products are handmade in the USA!


Wood Size Availability

We can make a pig as big as the size of the wood available.

We have pre-determined sizes for our pigs and you can find them at our store. The Jumbo Poppas, for example, come in different fixed sizes, also available at our shop. Although, if you have a special requirement and need something bigger, we can consider special orders, according to the availability of the wood.


Our Chief’s Favorite Board!

Our Jumbo Poppa Pig Cutting boards are big and robust. They are made of great hardwood solid pieces. They come in different sizes.

You can develop your delicious recipes using your creativity in a fun environment. A cutting board in the shape of a pig. A big pig, that you can keep on your countertop. They give plenty space to work on, I mean, plenty area to have fun on. Besides that, you can also use it as a decorative part of your kitchen.

Chiefs desire plenty of space when using a cutting board , but they are not only for chiefs, as cooking aficionados will love these big boards as well.



The Original Pig Cutting Board Family since 1981.
While living on Toland Farm in Wynnewood PA, I started making these hard maple pig cutting boards for friends and family. The first pigs came from a large sugar maple tree I cut down on the McFarland estate in Wynnewood just before the property was developed.

Now over 30 years later we are a husband-wife team making these same pigs. I hand select every piece of lumber that goes into making these pigs from the finest hardwood available. Each pig is hand cut, hand sanded and hand filed. Then, A coat or more of food-grade mineral oil is applied by hand. All our pigs are made with love and care. One by one.