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Our boards are made to last for a very long time when used with proper care. They are made with solid pieces of great quality hardwoods like Hard Maple or Walnut. No glue used! We still use our Hard Maple Momma Pig Cutting Board which is reaching her 40s.

They are great for daily use and as you can see, they can also decorate your kitchen lovingly as they stand well with their own feet! These Pig Boards will keep looking pretty with only mild soap and water rinse for cleaning and Food grade mineral oil as needed for maintenance, which it won’t be necessary to oil it very often. Must be kept away from the dishwasher for a long-lasting life!

They will make special and unique gifts for your loved ones and for the people that you want to impress or bring about a smile! We are a family-owned business and our products are handmade in the USA!

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