Warm Gifts From And For The Heart!

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The warmer time has passed and the cold started coming in gradually and smoothly. While we prepare ourselves to be cozy and warm, we are hoping for a great season as our minds wish for a warm-to-the-heart time with family and friends. We wish to spend quality time with unforgettable memories with our loved ones. We wish the best for every single one and want to be a part in their happiness and also be able to bring joy and comfort whenever possible if the power is in our hands to do so. A good wish, a hug, a smile, a helping hand, some of our time… these are priceless.

A demonstration of care and love can also be shown through a thoughtful gesture of a gift. Something that will fill in a need in someone’s life or even something that will bring a smile, some joy. And that’s when you can consider the option of unique gifts. Something that the people you want to honor with a present may not have it yet. A unique present for someone who might already have everything. That’s where our pigs can be of a good fit. They are durable, robust and joyful! Truly special! They’re made in the USA and they last soooo long! We have an old pig in our kitchen (well, we have a bunch of them in our kitchen ), which is in its 40’s and we still enjoy using it! Just keep in mind that you don’t need to go much further looking for a special gift. You might have just found one. One of a kind!

The person receiving such a gift will think of how thoughtful you are and my guess is you will be remember quite often! A warm present from heart to heart!


These are Jumbo Poppa Pigs

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